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  • Do you offer virtual sessions?
    In this changing time, we understand fear and hesitancy about leaving home. We are currently accepting patients for both virtual / online sessions, as well as in-person meetings based on your comfort level.
  • Do you accept Insurance?
    As an out-of-network provider, we do not accept insurance payments directly. Upon request, we will provide medically-coded receipts for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. It is your responsibility to know what coverages your insurance provides, as well as the process for reimbursement.
  • What would be required of parent’s involvement in their child/adolescent’s individual sessions?
    It is important for children and adolescents to feel they can trust and have a relationship with the therapist - so that is of utmost importance. Throughout treatment I would invite as much participation as possible from parents and have regular check-ins and updates about treatment. In Pennsylvania the law says a child over 14 years old is in charge of their own mental health decisions. With that said, I would make all efforts to involve parents in treatment according to the individual’s needs. All information shared in session is confidential unless client reports safety concerns to self or others (see confidentiality statement in forms).
  • What are your specialties?
    I have had the pleasure of working with young children, adolescents, and families for the past 20 years on a variety of issues related to trauma, relationships, anger, depression, anxiety, as well as other struggles. My Master’s Degree and professional license is in Marriage and Family Therapy. My Post Graduate training and certifications are in Family Systems Therapy and trauma. I love to use play and art therapy techniques as an additional mode of communication with children who struggle to express emotions with words.
  • What is the average length of time that treatment lasts for?
    Treatment length varies based on each individual depending on their history, relationships in life, struggles, as well as their desires for change. The average process looks something like this… the first 3-4 sessions I would be focused on assessing the needs by building trust and rapport with child/adolescent/family. After that initial assessment period, the clinician will be able to discuss and present a plan moving forward for what treatment may look like for your unique child/adolescent/family.
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