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Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy


Photo showing bonding between the therapist and parent through our consultation.

Parenting Consultation

​“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” 

– Robert Fulghum

Do you feel overwhelmed and lost about how to best parent your child? Do you have thoughts like, “I am not a good parent” or “I am not the parent I thought I would be”? 

Using the training and experience of 20 years, I will work with you to help communicate better, learn about developmental “norms,” better understand cycles you are stuck in with your child, and plan for setting up positive patterns and cycles moving forward. 

Parenting consultation can vary in length from 1-5 sessions. It is unique to your family and your needs. Let’s work together to develop a plan tailored to your situation.


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